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Dog Training Tips

  1. Be calm, confident, patient and assertive.

  2. Get your dog out of the house, they need exercise and to explore.

  3. Be nice to your dog, even when you are correcting them.

  4. Don't let your dog get away with misbehaving.

  5. Show your dog what behavior you prefer if they misbehave.

  6. If your dog is demanding, ignore them until they behave.

  7. Socialize your dog as early as possible and regularly with animals and people.

  8. Expose your dog to strange things that may scare them, gently and slowly.

  9. Regularly touch your dog all over, especially their feet, ears, mouth and tail.

  10. Don't coddle your dog when they are scared, angry, nervous or misbehaving.

  11. Praise your dog everytime they do something right.

  12. Praise your dog for being calm and relaxed daily.

  13. Give your dog rules, boundaries and structure in their life.

Dog Donts
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