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Dog Sitting
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Dog Sitter

Pet Sitting

At Caring Canine Commands, when your dog is in our possession, we treat them with the love and respect we treat our own dogs with. Because that is how we would want our own dogs treated. We can stay at your home so your dog doesn't get stressed by having to go to a new environment. 


Dog Sitting includes: (Price varies on location and number of dogs)

  1. Dog feeding and watering.

  2. Easy Medications

  3. TLC- which means we play with your dog and love them like our own.

  4. Photo Updates and/or Video Chats with your baby!


While dog sitting we can do the following tasks for an added fee: (Prices negotiable.) 

  1. Difficult Medications- $5/day

  2. Walks (If the dog doesn't pull)- $15/30min

  3. Outdoor Poop Pickup- $15/30min

  4. Basic Training- $30/30min

  5. Brushing- $10/small, $15/med, $25/large

  6. Ear Cleaning- $5

  7. Teeth Brushing- $5

  8. Pet Taxi- $1/mile ($25min) plus $10/hr wait time.

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