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Dog Training

Dog Training

In-Home Dog Training Lesson
$90 or more, per hour.

(Senior and Military/Law Enforcement discounts available.)


At Caring Canine Commands, my wife and I strive to enhance the relationship between dogs and their people. We use positive reinforcement dog training to create happy associations between your commands and the dog's compliance. We don't use pain or harsh corrections. That way your dog learns to want to obey and do what you ask of them. Our patient and caring approach will have your dog happily doing what you ask. This builds a strong relationship based on fun and communication. We offer in-home lessons and will explain to you everything you need to know to continue the training on your own.


We can address:

1. Basic Obedience
2. Problem Behavior Modification
3. Potty Training
4. Socialization

5. Fun Tricks

6. Assistance Training

7. Leash Pulling

8. Aggression


Most problem behaviors dogs choose to exhibit are because they lack exercise or a strong leader. We will teach you the best ways to fix these issues. And we will explain how to read your dog's body language so you know what they are trying to tell you. 


We are affordable because we want everyone to be able to afford as many lessons as they need. Our prices are based on travel time so please message us so we can give you a quote. Dog training is easy, but it doesn't happen overnight. It takes consistency over a period of time so your dog develops good habits.


Once you hire us we will always answer all your questions. We can also give you handouts so you can refer back to them during your solo dog training. So give us a call or email and let's get your family closer to your pets in a positive and loving way.

Puppy Tricks
Dog Training Walk
Dog Socialization
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James & Jaz Blanchard
Cell: 661.373.0176

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