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Hot Weather & Your Dog Don't Mix

When temperatures rise, there are certain precautions you should take with your dog. Remember that they have a fur coat on all of the time. That can make them uncomfortably and dangerously hot. And they don't have a very good perspiration system. Dogs only really sweat out of their paws and nose and that doesn't cool them off. They mainly cool themselves by panting which causes tongue evaporation. So help keep your dog safe and comfortable with these summertime tips:

1. Don't walk your dog during the heat of the day. The ground is hot in the sun and can burn their paws. Put your bare foot or hand on the ground. If it is too hot for your hand or foot, it's too hot for your dog. Walk them in the early morning and evenings, instead.

2. Don't leave your dog in a car. Temperatures rise quickly in enclosed areas, even if the windows are cracked. Would you want to be in that car with no AC on?

3. Frozen Treats. Use a disposable cup and put treats and/or toys in it. Fill it up with water. Freeze it. Give the frozen goody to your dog to enjoy.

4. If your dog is outside all day, make sure they have plenty of shade, water and a cool area to retreat to. Make sure their water is in the shade also. Give them multiple bowls of water, in case one gets dumped. If temperatures rise to over 100 degrees, your dog needs a cool indoor retreat. Shade isn't enough. Water misters can help, but make sure the piping and water are not in the sun, or the mist will also be hot, like steam.

5.Sunscreen is also helpful for you dog, especially on any exposed skin, like their nose. Use sensitive or natural ingredient sunscreen to avoid allergies or reactions. No zinc oxide.

6. Don't shave your dog's coat short if they go in the sun a lot. This could lead to sunburn.

7. You can add a little bit of electrolytes to your dog's water, if they are outside a lot. 1/2 a teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda per gallon is safe every other day. (Consult your vet)

8. Give your dog a kiddie pool half full of water, in the shade, to relax in.

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